How HR Can Reinvent Itself and Transform the Business

Do you have the view that HR creates barriers and unnecessary hurdles? If you do, join the long line of managers who share your view. How would you lead the transformation to change this view? Here are some strategies to help you build your HR department and change how they are perceived:

  1. Accelerate the Change. Be persistent. Spend time educating employees regularly and often on how the changes you implement will ultimately benefit them.
  2. Understand your boss. This relationship is critical. Your boss is your champion and has high expectations.
  3. Work with strong partners. Select your partners whose business philosophy is most consistent with yours and your organization. They need to be able to sit comfortably by your side when you deliver your new message.
  4. Use new technology. This is a no-brainer. Leverage technology to improve efficiency and allow the use of integrated information and data-based decision-making. Don’t have HR processes that are complex and paper intrusive – that would be inefficient. One such example is to have all payroll information and forms available online.
  5. Don’t be afraid to step out there. Tell the truth even if it means delays or a change in process. You will be respected for your vision and for knowing what is best for your organization.
  6. Stay focused to the mission. Always keep the organizations mission and strategy in your sight. Always remember to devote significant time to your alignment issues but also to the company’s values and mission.
  7. Prioritize. Build a planning process, be collaborative, and you will fundamentally change the way you operate in order to become more strategic. Technology will help you do this.
  8. Build credibility through completion of key projects. Identify the key projects that are achievable and that have a probability of success if properly managed. This will gain you credibility.
  9. Learn who you need to influence. Engage them in conversation about your change agenda. When people are engaged, aware and involved, they will be your champions.
  10. Lastly, keep the momentums going. Celebrate your victory but stay engaged in the process of continuous improvement.

What are some ways your organization is transforming your business? Please share your ideas with me as I love to hear about how organizations are changing and reinventing the business world.


About Debaawy
Mohamed AL Debaawy is a Kuwait-based Egyptian national, with a wide exposure to Arabic and Non-Arabic cultures. He speaks Arabic and English – fluently. Result oriented with an influential approach to Learning & Development function. Have a clear contribution into HR & Service Line strategic plans by linking its strategic goals and objectives with the overall HR & Business Strategy which develop a competent and talented workforce; available at all times to feed into the existing operational and growing needs of the business.

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